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Holiday of this monthantiques tamiserDuring the state of emergency (April 25-May 11) at the request of the government We will be temporarily closed.
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Normal business
3-22-1 Ebsiu Shibuya-ku Tokyo 150-0013 JAPAN
Phone: 03-6277-2085
Open: 12:00 – 19:00 Closed on Monday&Tuesday
“tamiser” is a French verb that means “to sift.” The description in the dictionary starts with culinary meanings, such as filtering powder through a sieve for pastries. Reading further, we see a reference to strong light being weakened on its passage through curtains. In both cases the word refers to the refinement and softening of something coarse or strong. Through the filter of my own eyes, antique tamiser is a space where you can encounter objects that have undergone this process of “sifting.” Objects from various countries and eras, tense, delicate, and delightful items, as well as gentle, handcrafted works have been picked through and put on display for the visitor.
3-13 Honcho Nasushiobara-shi Tochigi 325-0056 JAPAN
Phone: 0287-74-3448
Open: Sunday&Monday 13:00 – 18:00
Our store sits right in front of a station named Kuroiso, the gateway to Nasu Onsen. It's an old town, and before the neighboring Tohoku Shinkansen Nasushiobara station was built, it was a popular spot for its hot springs, mountain climbing, and skiing. The Showa emperor, who loved Nasu Onsen, no doubt got off at this exit on his way to the imperial villa as well. I was raised here, too, in Kuroiso, together with the towering mountains of Nasu and the beautiful, flowing Naka river. I open the doors of our building, which was originally built in 1931 as a taxi company, to all of you in hopes that you will share in the beauty of the nature of Nasu. First, when you get off at Kuroiso station, stop by the shop, take a rest, and let's plan out your trip. We are a minute's walk right in front of your nose and eyes. I can tell you about the hot springs, mountain climbing, fishing, skiing, restaurants and other wonderful spots not included in the guidebooks. We're a two hour drive from Tokyo, an hour and thirty minutes by bullet train, and three hours by local trains. It’s a perfect distance for a trip when you have a book that you want to read along the way. We also have a range of items to make your everyday life better, such as tote bags perfect for mountain and river fun, travel equipment, plant seeds, mountain poetry collections, cooking books, and photograph collections depicting the lifestyle of our ancestors.